03-06 21:54

Even females are secreted a small amount of male hormones, so it is natural that libido occurs.
03-06 21:28

It is believed that male hormones will cause sexual desire. So a small amount of male hormone is administered to treat symptoms of "female sexual motivation disorder", so-called unwillingness to sex.
03-06 20:54

03-06 20:28

【Sex questions and troubles of adults】 How many sexual lives are there?
03-06 19:54

03-06 19:28

People who want to accept a partner but do not feel like it, there is a male hormone coat that causes sexual desire. Because it also contains estrogen, it increases mood, increases secretions, makes it easy to get wet.
03-06 18:54

03-06 18:28

If you do not get wet but have sexual desire and have sexual pains you should use lubricating jelly etc. to moisten the vagina and smooth penis insertion.
03-06 17:54

03-06 17:28




Changes will come to men in their 40s and 50s. Even married couple, men's psychological change in middle age and deterioration of sexual function are hard to step down. I wonder if there is something that goes wrong. Let's know about sex of a man to deepen her ties with partners.
03-05 23:54

03-05 23:28

Converting to the moon about 4 times. By becoming a senior Japanese who is reluctant to sex in the beginning, seems to be easier to get away from sex.
03-05 22:54

According to a study by a major condom maker, Durex Inc., the world average of sex times is 103 times a year. The first place was Greece 138 times, Japan was the lowest ranking in the surveying country 45 times.
03-05 22:28

03-05 21:54

03-05 20:54

Not only physiological decay, but also psychological influence is strongly received. Male sexual function is easily affected by spiritual stress and pressure.
03-05 20:28

03-05 19:54

If blood vessels are damaged by diabetes or arteriosclerosis, and inflow of blood is prevented, erectile dysfunction, so-called ED symptoms are likely to occur. Smoking, diabetes, and hypertension are said to be the three major factors that lead to ED.
03-05 19:28

03-05 18:54


50代でも男性は約7割の人がマスターベーションをしている▼ この1カ月にマスターベーションをしましたか?(男性のみ)20代=93.9%30代=88.6%40代=80.4%50代=69.2%60代=45.0%[ジェクス]ジャパン・セックス・サーベイ 2013年版
03-04 23:54

In the process leading to marriage, at first there are many people fuming each other fellowship. Sexual lives also compromise. You can refer to various information and think that "I will try this next time", it will be more and more consistent.
03-04 23:28

結婚にいたる過程も、最初はお互い手探りで付き合いながら…という人が多いのでは。性生活も歩み寄り。いろいろな情報を参考にしてもいいし、「今度これを試してみよう」とか、そうやってだんだんしっくり合ってくるものだと思います。日経WOMAN Online 産婦人科医 早乙女智子
03-04 22:54

Even if there is compatibility, it is more rare to match exactly. I think that sex is important to how much I can think of other people.Nikkei WOMAN Online Obstetrician Medicine Saotome Tomoko
03-04 22:28

相性があるとしても、ぴったり一致することのほうがまれでしょう。セックスって相手のことをどれだけ思いやれるかが重要だと思います。日経WOMAN Online 産婦人科医 早乙女智子
03-04 21:54

初心者だと、膣の深さや位置が高めの人、低めの人とか、ペニスの長さなどで、体の相性のようなものはあるのかもしれませんが、それは体位を工夫すればいいだけのことです。 日経WOMAN Online 産婦人科医 早乙女智子
03-04 20:54

Q: I often hear that the compatibility of the body is good,What does this mean?A: It is rare to match exactly.Will it gradually become better while telling each other
03-04 20:28

03-04 19:54

[Sono doubts & troubles of adults] I often hear that the compatibility of the body is good, but what does this mean?
03-04 19:28

03-04 18:54


パートナーと安定したセックスがある人とない人では、心身の健康にも違いがあると思われます。例えば、軽い疲労と深い安心感からよく眠れるでしょう。睡眠がしっかりとれると免疫力も上がり、体調も良くなります。横浜元町女性医療クリニック 医学博士 関口 由紀
03-03 23:54

03-03 21:54

03-03 20:54

Q: Even if I am in menopause or menopauseIs it better to have sex continued to be more youthful?A: For those who are doing nothing, including sex,Female hormone numbers are different
03-03 20:28

Q:更年期や閉経になっても セックスを続けていたほうが若々しくいられて、体調もいいの?A:セックスを含め、何もしていない人としている人では、 女性ホルモンの数値が違います
03-03 19:54

【Sexual questions and troubles of adults】 Is it better to have sex with young people and to have a good physical condition?
03-03 19:28

03-03 18:54

A person becomes frustrated physically and mentally unless physical needs are satisfied. Appetite is also sexual desire. For example, we eat excrement every day if we eat. It is a natural desire. Constipation is that it does not pass that desire. It is painful, is not it?
03-03 18:28

03-03 17:54

In the male testes, 50 to 100 million spermatozoa are made per day. Therefore, I want to discharge. It will drain 100 to 400 million sperms per ejaculation, so it is full on 3 days. It is cruel to force abstinence. Is not an AV actress like an angel that supports ejaculation?
03-03 17:28


It is said that he is going to work instinctively earlier than other feelings, and the speed of how much information is transmitted to the brain is less than 0.2 seconds.
03-02 23:54

How can I make him conscious as "heterosexual"?The answer is "stimulate olfaction with scent". With five senses of visual, auditory, tactile, taste, and olfactory sense, only olfaction is directly connected with the part that controls brain instinct.
03-02 23:28

Therefore, from the sexual desire "I want to have a relationship with this woman", love of fate called "I like it anyhow" may start.
03-02 22:28

As it progresses, "I really liked it ..." feeling up to my heart's height, I will be aware of my romantic feelings anew.
03-02 21:54

03-02 21:28

So, to make him crazy, it is most important not to have it as a "nice person" or "cute child" but to be "an existence that is conscious of being heterosexual". By feeling "I want to have a relationship with this woman", it leads to the thought "I like this woman".
03-02 20:54

03-02 20:28

A woman says "I like to become a deeper relationship because I like it", but men often feel like "having a relationship" with a woman in front of that part of the feeling that the woman likes "like" It is.
03-02 19:54

03-02 19:28

03-02 18:28